The Diametric Safety Case Manager

The Diametric Safety Case Manager

The Diametric Safety Case Manager (DSM) brings your safety case, risk manager, hazard log and FMEA  into a single model. You can use customisable reports to provide consistent, up to date information tailored to the needs of your stakeholders. Try it today!


GSN diagram in the safety case manager.
Example GSN diagram

The DSM uses the industry-standard Goal Structuring Notation (GSN) for safety arguments. You can import tables of evidence items from your document database via Excel and then link them to your argument. Presenting your safety argument has never been easier.


Bow tie diagram showing the hazard of the train door opening while under way.
Bow tie diagram (click to enlarge)
Matrix showing Failure Modes and Effects
FMEA derived from the bow tie diagram

Traditional safety assurance is based around a mixture of spreadsheets, documents and diagrams. This duplicates information, leading to higher costs and errors in deliverables.

The DSM integrates all this information into a safety model with every fact and relationship stored exactly once. Diagrams, tables and reports are just different views on this underlying model, so they are guaranteed to remain consistent. If the severity of a hazard is revised or evidence is challenged then you can update the model and trace the impact quickly and accurately.


Would you like a list of overdue evidence items? How about the arguments and evidence associated with each control on a particular hazard? When a stakeholder has a question you need to answer it quickly and accurately.

Matrix showing Failure Modes and Effects
FMEA Matrix

You can define your own table formats in the DSM using queries and matrices. The FMEA table shown here is not built in to the safety case manager, it was defined as part of the model.

Report template
A report template in the DSM.

Tailor your output for different stakeholders. Generate reports in Microsoft Word or HTML. Include diagrams, tables and data fields.

The DSM is designed to work within your existing processes and document formats, unlike other tools which force you to fit into their way of doing things. No programming is required, unlike other tools which need extensions to be written in Visual Basic.

You can add your own extension data to each type of entity in the model, with colour codes and icons for added clarity. Every organisation has its own standards for managing hazards, evidence and requirements. The DSM can be tailored to fit.

More Information

For an in-depth look at the DSM, the ideas behind it, and our plans for the future, read our articles.

If you want to see how the DSM can make a difference to your work as a safety engineer then we offer a free trial license. Get it today.

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