Analysing the Safety Case

A large safety case consists of thousands of elements with complex interdependencies. Identifying areas which are affected by a change or a challenge costs time and money. 

The DSM uses queries and matrices to analyze the Safety Case and present the results in a clear and easily understood format. You can quickly identify what has changed, what is affected by a change and what needs to be done to keep the safety case valid.


Query to find the causes of all hazards in the model.
Query to find causes of hazards

Queries interrogate the GSN networks, risk/ hazard logs and FMEAs  to ascertain the information required by the safety case user.  They are defined using a simple diagram notation and can follow the flow of a GSN network or interrogate the data sitting in the fields of any  DSM entity. Because they capture information, they are the building blocks for Matrices and Reports.


Example matrix in the DSM
Example matrix in the DSM

Matrices provide the information output from queries in tabular form. A matrix structure is defined  with queries and data fields . They can be used to provide risk/hazard registers, project data summaries or a detailed analysis of the Safety Case.