Next Software Release for the DSM –  10 Sep 2020

The DSM Version 1.2 now supports the Argument Patterns extension of the Goal Structuring Notation Community Standard.

Other enhancements to the DSM since version 1.1 are:

  • A number of worked examples have been added to the start-up dialog. You can use these as templates for your own safety cases.
  • Diagram link boxes can now point to matrices and look-up tables as well as other diagrams.
  • Matrices and reports now have a “Default Input” field when you edit them.
  • Entities can now be cloned. Matrices, diagrams, reports and individual entities (e.g. goals or hazards) now have a “Clone” entry in their context menu in the model tree.
  • Reports now have a “Preview” entry in their context menus. This exports the report to a temporary HTML file and starts the web browser on it automatically.

SCSC Assurance Cases Working Group

Diametric Software’s Technical Director – Paul Johnson – is now a member of the SCSC Assurance Cases Working Group.

SCSC Article – Complex Safety Cases

Diametric Software Article on enhancing the The Goal Structuring Notation now published on the SCSC website and in Vol 28 of the SCSC Newsletter. Read the Article here.