DSM license dialogWe provide a free trial license for the Diametric Safety Case Manager. The license lasts for 1 month and is limited to a model of 300 entities. Let us know if you need an extension.

Step 1: Download the Diametric Safety Case Manager (539 downloads)

Step 2: Run the DSM and click the green “Click here …” button. Then click “Ok”.

(If you are behind a corporate firewall that blocks unknown programs from the web then this may fail. Email us with your machine ID and we will send you an off-line license file)

Step 3: Buy an activation code from our store. We use FastSpring for sales so this link will take you to their website.

A full license for the DSM is £1,500 per machine. Alternatively you can buy a subscription for £150 per month. Subscriptions are the best option for organisations that only occasionally need to work on safety cases, as you can cancel your subscription once you have finished the job.  There will be a 10% reduction on the cost for purchases of 5 or more licenses and a 20% on the cost for purchases of 10 or more licenses.

At present the DSM is only available for 64-bit Windows. If you need a different architecture then please drop us a line.

We can also offer student licenses. If you want to use the DSM in your course then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Use of the DSM is subject to our license agreement.