Safety cases, risks or hazard logs will require the generation of assurance reports on a regular basis.  Report formats will vary for different organizations and the DSM has the flexibility to create and save reports in any required format.  Using queries to gather the required information and the ability to add diagrams and matrix tables into Microsoft Word or HTML, reports are easy to build and can be created in their own right or added to a larger document.

The DSM lets you produce reports in response to stakeholder concerns quickly and simply. For instance, you can extract a Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) from the bow tie diagrams in the model. Or you can produce an impact analysis showing how a challenge to safety evidence will affect the overall safety argument.

The powerful export and import capability of the DSM will allow you to produce and export reports to other users, avoiding repetition of work.  Any number of formats and templates can be held in a DSM file and they do not require changes in software code to be amended and updated.

The generated document only contains content derived from the model, but a deliverable report will also need front matter, executive summary, conclusions, recommendations etc.  Simply paste the generated document into the deliverable at the appropriate place.