Custom Data Fields

Different organisations and industries have different requirements for the data that must be presented in a safety case or hazard log. To accomodate this, the DSM allows you to add custom data fields to entities in the safety model, and then use those fields in queries, matrices and reports. The custom data fields become part of the model, but you can also export and import the definitions along with the reports and matrices that use them.

See the example of building a FMEA to see how this works.

Each custom data field in the model specifies the type of data it can contain;

  • Short text, such as the name of the responsible person.
  • Longer text with multiple paragraphs
  • Numbers, with optional colours and icons for ranges.
  • Dates
  • Enumerated values (e.g. “High”, “Medium” and “Low”) each of which can have its own colour and icon.

Colours and icons are especially useful for “traffic light” values to highlight issues. For instance evidence production might be tracked using an enumeration with values such as “Planned”, “In draft” and “Issued”. If these are colour-coded red, amber and green then it is easy to spot outstanding evidence in a matrix or report.

Adding Data Fields
Adding Data Fields in the DSM (click to enlarge)