Bowtie Risk and Hazard Analysis

Bowtie is a Risk and Hazard Analysis Tool that visually depicts the causes, main events and the consequences of an accident or safety event.  Risk is a situation susceptible to harm, damage or loss.  A hazard implies something which is at the core of harm, danger or loss.

A Hazard is something that has the potential to cause harm or trigger an event. Something must happen to cause the Hazard to occur and the event to take place. Once the Event has taken place there will be a consequence.  There can be a number of causes that lead to the main event happening and a number of consequences once that main event has happened.  The path from a cause to a main event and then to a consequence is called a threat-line.

Preventative barriers or controls can be placed on a threat-line to stop the main event from happening and recovery barriers or controls can be placed on a threat-line to minimize the consequences of an event once it has happened.  An escalation factor is a factor that reduces the ability of a barrier or control to prevent a safety event from happening.  An escalation control or barrier is designed to prevent the escalation factor from happening and will be part of a control or barrier.

DSM Bowtie Example

In the DSM, Bowtie Diagrams are built using Event, Hazard and Control entities that capture the relevant information and then displays that information as a Bowtie Diagram.  Controls or Barriers can imported in to the DSM from Excel or added directly in the Model tree.  Once there they can be dragged onto the Bowtie diagram and positioned on a threat line.  The DSM automatically creates the link between the threat line and the control.

Once the the User is happy with the Bowtie diagrams the DSM concerts the analysis into a Matrix table for review and reporting.  Any changes to diagrams are automatically captured by the Matrix table.

Bowtie analysis Capture

The DSM also allows you to create your own Risk Matrix Tables for pre-control and post-control risk levels.  These risk tables are incorporated to the Bowtie Analysis Capture tables.

Risk Matrix

Details on how to build a Bowtie Analysis tool is contained in the User Manual.  Why not download our free trial version of the DSM and see what you think?

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